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August 10, 2010
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Mitch Duncan the Evil Eigth by SABEstein Mitch Duncan the Evil Eigth by SABEstein
Mitch Duncan, eighth evil ex, is a 6'5" giant of Scottish descent. He used to wear a kilt, but ever since he met Ramona and fell head over hells in love his sense of style drastically changed. Wanting to match her petite stature, he began wearing female clothing designed for small women, which led to an obsession with Korean fashion and beauty (hence, his amazingly clear and shiny skin), Argyle, and Crocs. His natural eye color is supposedly hazel, but no one knows for sure with his eyes getting larger and brighter by the day (with the help of circle lenses, of course). When Ramona dumped him for being too feminine, he dyed his bangs teal as a memory of her and swore that he would get her back.

Since then, he has been consistently sent her gifts, plush toys, key chains, and whatnot that all contain either tracking technology or spying tools. He plans to move to Canada to execute his grand plan of breaking Ramona and Scott up by charming Scott and winning back Ramona. (If not obvious, he obviously thinks of himself as an androgynous hotshot, which he isn't.) And just to ensure you that Mitch (or Mitchy as he likes being called) is very much evil, he was also raised by his history buff father to be a modern day gallowglass (Google it) and knows how to use nearly every Scottish weapon. He doesn't plan on revealing his gallowglass side to anybody.

Why? Because he's so evil that he doesn't even think that he needs it against Scott.